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Mac Whittemore


HI, My name is Mac Whittemore and I am currently the proud President of the Tri-River Rodders Car Club. The Tri-River Rodders car club was formed some 25
plus years ago by a bunch of people who were and still are passionate abou
Hot Rods , Classic and Custom cars. I have been a member since 2013 and am
glad to be associated with a great group of car nuts. I was 15 when I started sniffing exhaust fumes while working at my dad’s gas station in Richfield.
That’s how I got “Hooked on Car’s” I was making $.25 (yes twenty five cents) an hour sweeping the driveway, emptying trash cans, and cleaning bathrooms. I worked my way up to being a “pump attendant”. Some of you may remember that guy! I came out when you pulled up and asked “Regular or Ethel”. I would start the pump (then a gallon cost 19 cents!), clean your windshield and offer to check under the hood! Yup we were a full service gas station. After a year or
so I started doing light mechanical work in the garage. I never will forget my first time doing a full service oil change Our station was across 494 from the Vikings Offices in Southtown so we would get a lot of work from staff AND players. First solo job was on Tommy Mason’s new red Cadillac Convertible. Part of the service was to tighten the valve cover bolts. So that’s when I learned about “torque” When you try to use a ½ in drive ratchet, a 6 inch extension on a small bolt things go very wrong. I snapped 2 of them off. It’s
then that dad taught me about EZ outs! I worked there through 2.5 years of college then joined the Air Force as college just wasn’t working out, or maybe my effort wasn’t as good as it should have been. Then again there was this S.E. Asia conflict going on, I had a relatively low draft number and decided the
Army was not for me. I became a motor pool technician progressing to the rank of Sergeant. I was in the right place at the right time to become the NCOIC of
the base auto hobby shop. Oh ya I also met a gorgeous brunette named Pat and the rest is history! 2 Adult kids and 3 grandchildren later and believe it or not after damn near 45 years she is still with me! Fast forward to August 2012
when I started working on the above street rod. A coworker’s son in-law had purchased the pickup and ran into some money issues and could not afford to work on the pick up. I took on a MAJOR project. What you see is a 1956 Dodge
body that someone long ago put on a 1982 El Camino chassis. While they did a good job of doing that, there was little else (OK NOTHING) else done right. SO
I decided to take it to the frame and start over. Every nut, bolt, wire, hose, fitting etc. has been replaced. Along the way a couple of buddies and I decided that because it would never be a Dodge, nor a Chevrolet, we would make it a
full blown one of a kind custom. We found and fabricated in a grill that came out of a 1957 Buick Roadmaster. The combination of pieces led to the creation of the name for the truck. You see above the one and only 1956 Budolet! The project is now in pieces being readied for paint this March and re-assembled in time for our 2nd annual car show May 21. I hope to see ya there. So as you can read I have been hooked on cars for over 50 years and am convinced I will be until I cannot spell Budolet!


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